Monday, January 2, 2012


It really has been a while hasn't it? Well I'm back and I have a LOT to share.  First of all, my nails have grown so much! Also I got heaps better at this:) I didnt really go on my blog for a few months because I pretty much gave up on it.  But recently my friend asked me if I had a blog where I shared all my designs, and I said 'yes I do actually!' so she reminded me to start up again.  and I'm quite glad i did so hopefully soon I will get more views on this blog and I'll have it for a while!

Finally, here's some recent designs I have done.

 New years
(This one is a Calibongo polish, the sparkly background changes to red in the sun!)
 Metallic orange pink & red
stripes and anchors

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Zach said...

WOW GIRL I wish I had that talent OMFG!