Monday, August 13, 2012

Long Time No See!

Hey guys!! I'm back obviously.  My LONG vacation was very fun. Since I haven't really done any good designs or taken pictures of my nails lately, I just have a funny picture of my cat to show you. Also it's on 9GAG if anyone goes on there, so vote for it!
Yup. He just decided to sit like this. I swear I didn't touch him!
Have a nice week, I'll be back soon with swatches!


Jacqui said...

Welcome back and cute kitty!

LittleMonsterx14 said...

i've missed ya! that photo is so funny! i ave so many photos of my kitty sitting weird i should post them!

OPInionated said...

Beautiful cat:)

natalsie said...

Too cute))

Anonymous said...

lol I love it