Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gettin Busy!

In the past like 2 days I've swatched quite a few polishes. Revlon Whimsical, the ever popular Deborah Lippman dupe for Glitter in the Air.  It's very sheer and I was smart enough to not put a base color and I didn't like it by itself:( This is 3 coats.
 It looks ok in these pictures but looking straight on it it's very pukey.

Next is Spoiled by Wet & Wild Pirate booty.  This is actually 4 coats because I don't think it's meant to be a full glitter, just top coat.  The brushes in these are SO annoying.  Formula is ok, not too crazy about the drying time.  It peeled off (well, I peeled it off) in a day so I took it off today.

 Then I put this on: it's just a franken of mine made of topcoat and little shredded gold pieces.

 The next polish (I'm putting it on right now!) I will post tomorrow.  I'm not telling what it is but I'll give you a hint: it's holo:)
Take care!


GoingtotheShowing said...

The DL polish is Glitter in the Air not sky. (= I own Whimsical too and I LOVE. Love. love. it!

Paulina said...

I love Whimsical!

Brianna said...

I bought Whimsical and did the same thing (no base coat) - then I did put a white underneath hoping it would bring out the color more but it was so thick I had to take it off. Definitely a disappointment. :(

Miriam Helena said...

very cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna said...

Such a cool franken, loving those gold pieces!

I gave you an award here :)

oKayeAmy said...

Whimsical looks pretty.