Friday, February 10, 2012


Another hobby of mine besides nails is drawing. I like to take a picture on the internet and draw it on paper while looking at my computer screen.  It's really hard work, and I'd say it's worth it.  Each drawing takes a few hours, more or less, depending on the difficulty and how much detail I want.  This one took me about 3 hours total, and I think you'd see why.  I use a variety of graphite pencils, a rubber eraser, and some smudging stubs.  I chose to do this picture because in World History class at school I saw a beautiful Greek statue.  I immediately wanted to draw it, and here it is:)

original vs. my drawing

Not bad, eh?
I hope this post didn't confuse anyone, seeing as how I am a nail blogger.  Anyways, I hope you like my work!