Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines Day Mani and yayyyy new polishes!

A few days ago I did a V-Day mani but I don't really like it.  It just feels too cheesy or something.  But for it I used OPI's Kyoto Pearl, a red by Jordana, and some red rhinestones.  I also used plate BM-221.
 This is Kyoto Pearl by itself, it's a great polish but you have to be careful about brush strokes.  I should have just kept it like this but no. It must be complicated.

And for the better half of this post, my new polishes:)
 I got Hard Candy's Lava, Essie's Armed and Ready, Wrapped in Rubies, and Shine of the Times.
Lava is a red jelly base with orange sparkles, armed and ready is a gorgeous grey with gold shimmer, wrapped in rubies is a pretty metallic ruby and orange and shine of the times is a beautiful multicrome flakey polish in a clear base. It's very similar to Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, and I have both so I'm a little disappointed but I like the Essie better.

Here's a close up of shine of the times.  Isn't it pretty?!
That's all for today, I'll be back in a few days;)